Business information management

Sport Venue has developped a business information management method and an aiding Analytics tool which aim to develop the profitability of sports business. The business management method helps you to change the ways and culture of working by setting clear tangible targets and follow the set KPIs with the Analytics tool in realtime. In essence it is about change management with the aid of digitalisation. There is no need to guess did the weather have anything to do with success/failure but you can see the relevant information easily with the Analytics tool. Part of the method is the mapping and gathering of various data sources into one easy to understand view in the Analytics tool. There is no need to wait for the month to change to get comparable information and values to see Your KPIs progress and even compare them to some other city's comparable service.


Do you know who are Your customers? At which times Your venue has it's highs and lows? Does Your business partners offering support Your business and how does Your clients perceive Your service? Do you spend time compiling data from multiple sources to convince others? Is there perhaps some data that might be missing still? Those are a few different things we have been able to answer with our Analytics tool.


Target setting and KPI selection in collaboration with us. Goal is to cover both external and internal variables in the business analytics tool. With the aid of history business data we can dive in and slice the set targets into smaller units and take into consideration different view points. KPI dashboard in Business Analytics tool gives you a quick overview where is Your business heading and gives you the possibility to dig deeper to find ways to correct the direction and refine Your set targets.


You can view information from multiple angles by applying simple filtering options. Analytics tool provides transparency for people on different positions. The information can be shared also via web pages which further enhances the transparency amongts users.

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