Sport Venue's swimming hall project is tailored to fit the procurement and funding models according to customer requirements. Often cooperation begins in financial planning. There are several different ready procurement and financial models.

A suitable financial solution is adopted in part or for the entire swimming hall project. The financial plan can include a swimming pool procurement costs or in addition to financing swimming pool activities. One-lucky financing models is the swimming pool delivery service. Also, renting and leasing of financing are possible.

Financing options

The service package: The customers can buy, rent or lease agreement to make a total solution concept with another swimming hall. Sport Venue plans and builds swimming hall and is responsible for all the daily operations, maintenance and customer service.

Turnkey: Customers can buy, rent or lease agreement to make the conceptualized 2521- swimming pool. "turnkey " basis: the use of ready design and building.

Own capital: The customer can buy conceptualized 2521- swimming pool, when Sport Venue building is ready for use. Sport Venue is also responsible for tendering.

Rental / leasing: The customer can rent the prefabricated 2521- swimming pool from Sport Venue. Hall is designed and built to completion.

License: The customer can buy the Sport Venue 2521- swimming pool concept license, which includes swimming pool project, architectural and technical plans.

The difference of LONG-TERM maintenance COSTS