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Movable floors

Variopool movable floor functionality is unique. Variopool pool base structure and purpose of use can be modified within 15-30 minutes. If necessary, one pool is divided into several parts, the depth and the water temperature can be changed at a time. Adult pool is obtained quickly, for example, a children's pool; racing-pool and water aerobics pool.

Pools adapt to serve the users, thus also affects the hall's energy efficiency and the use of expenses. Also, pools have plenty of lighting options for a variety of purpose.

We have solutions for a variety of pools


Variodeck is a part of the Variopool Group and delivers pool covers in different sizes and shapes. Together with Variopool we can offer a total package while moving the movable floor in the night stand and cover the remaining area with a Variodeck system.


The pool covers of Variodeck offer many benefits. The great insulation result in energy savings of nearly seventy percent. This is not only an improvement for the environment, but also saves considerable operating cost. Not only swimming pools outside loses warmth but also indoor pools. A pool cover of Variodeck ensures that evaporation is reduced to a minimum. The bathing water stays clean by applying a cover of Variodeck and the area around the pool will be more safe for children.


With a bulkhead you can realize and organize more activities in your swimming pool complex. You can split one swimming pool in two pieces which ensures for more possibilities in the water surface.

We think that is an extra advantage! Fast and easy the pool complex can be totally changed and be arranged as multifunctional Aquatic Centre.

There are 3 types of bulkheads, read more at Variopool website


We have a variety of water slides, attractions, water play tables you can see them on Varioplay website , and spray parks available which you can see here



A movable access platform is one of our swimming pool accessories and is a comfortable tool that allows people with disabilities to enter the pool unassisted. It is height-adjustable and easy to operate, and it can be supplied with removable handrails and polycarbonate safety plates.


Besides a disabled platform Variopool also has the Poolpod. A Poolpod is especially designed for swimmingpools and gives easy access to the pool for people with reduced mobility.
The Poolpod is developed for the Olympic Delivery Authority and with financial support from the London Marathon Trust.

Poolpod is powered by small, light weight rechargeable batteries, allowing approximately 20 cycles per charge. This, coupled with a robust mechanical design, ensures access to the pool is fast and reliable. Ascent, descent and depth are user defined using a button free RFID proximity wristband. Poolpod is powered by small, light weight rechargeable batteries, allowing approximately 20 cycles per charge. This, coupled with a robust mechanical design, ensures access to the pool is fast and reliable.


One of our other swimming pool accessories is the integrated stairs. Apart from the well-known stainless steel stairs, we also offer integrated stairs, which, for many target groups, are an important way to access the pool unaided. Integrated stairs also look much more streamlined because they are fully incorporated into the pool design.


Our LED displays with aluminium casing have a 120-degree viewing range. The displays are interference-resistant and they are equipped with automatic activation and deactivation. Once the pool is closed, the display switches off automatically, increasing its lifecycle.


A watertight control panel equipped with the latest PLC technology is one of the standard options upon installation of a movable pool floor. The panel enables you to easily set the desired floor height.


Holland Aqua Sight is a subsidiary of Variopool and mainly specializes in acrylic underwater windows and transparent pool walls. These walls are mainly used for swimming pools but the transparent pool windows are also used for shopping centers or hotels and resorts. The transparent pool walls do not only ensure that you see along the swimmers swim but it also gives a luxurious feel to the room where underwater windows are located.


On the website of Holland Aqua Sight can find more information about the products they provide and the many opportunities offered by Holland Aqua Sight.